And you need it now! Yes, we get it. So we’ve come up with the incredible Tiny Giant AI agency name generator. Soon your entrepreneurial pals and pin-striped investor types will be gazing in undiluted awe and adoration at your gleaming new alphabet-injected business disruptor.

Not keen on that name? No problem. Simply hit the button again and get another one. Bingo! Soon you’ll be the talk of Hoxton for nanoseconds.

“You’re humanising AI. Brilliant way to spend a Saturday if you ask me!” Patrick Collister, ad industry legend

“Genius! Great idea.” Lazar Dzamic, author, content & digital storytelling trainer

A machine that does important work badly.” Tom Goodwin, EVP Innovation Zenith, keynote speaker, author

We created the AI agency names with a recurrent neural network we trained on a dataset of ad agency names from across the world. We used both word and character training to hone the names. If you’d like to know more, do get in touch.

Tiny Giant are a start-up marketing practice based in Bristol in the UK. Our mission is to be joy makers and creators of standout ideas. Sometimes these feature Machine Learning. Sometimes they don’t.


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